• "Thank you for all you have done as it opened so many new possibilities."
  • "Sandi, Thanks again. Your thoughts, ideas, and motivation are invaluable to me."
  • "I often try to imagine what your advice would be when I encounter certain situations. You will never know the impact you've had on my life Thank you. P.S. The check is in the mail. Best money I ever spent!"
  • "We thank you for all the help you have given us, all the hard-earned tools we have, from grieving to listening to loving. Our marriage is in a better place, for your work with us and ours with you, and we thank you."
  • "Thank you so much for all your input and support through the most recent episodes, and for the overall steadiness you’ve provided. I’m looking forward to moving to whole new levels in the coming times."
  • "My son found the consultation decidedly beneficial and encouraging. Thank you."
  • "Thanks again! You could have that motto like the credit card…. ‘Counseling session with Sandra Clark…$xx.00 – The strength and new awareness? Priceless!’"


  • "Thank you again for talking today. The specific action steps you provide are always so helpful!!" — Government professional
  • "I feel so much more confident in how I present myself to future employers. Thank you!" — Recent Master’s program graduate
  • "Outstanding! This is exactly why everyone should work with an editor/coach." — Writer
  • "You really have a knack for getting to the point and answering the questions that will inevitably be asked. I’m lucky to have you as a consultant. Always thinking one step ahead. Thank you." — Law school applicant
  • "Thanks so much for your advice and changes, they are very helpful and make it a much more balanced piece. Many thanks so far, your help has been invaluable." — Arts Administrator
  • "You helped me make a complicated process simple and direct and it made a big difference." — Banking Executive
  • "Your help was really significant for me in this project. I think I’m interviewing about 90% better than the first time we practiced. I think I get it now. Thank you very much." — Lawyer
  • "Thanks again for all your help over the past year or so, especially after I left Company XYZ. You have been wonderful to work with. I wish I was able to give a parade or a musical performance in your honor. Each person’s journey is different, and you recognize that." — Mid-career client
  • "Thank you so much for all of your help, wisdom, and guidance. You have helped me enter a whole new world, one that I now see as full of possibilities! Even if I didn't get a job offer I would have written to thank you for pushing me to explore options, and for giving me the confidence and tips to go after them. Our sessions have been invaluable to my growth. Thank you!!" — Recent Master's graduate
  • "You are good! Looks great. No wonder you are in such demand. " — Lawyer

Health, Grief

  • "Thank you, Sandi, for your steady guidance through a difficult time."
  • "Thanks for listening, encouraging, and offering suggestions — and so much more than that."
  • "Dear Sandi, Thanks so very much for your valuable counsel. It meant a lot."
  • "You have made a difference in my life. Thank you!"
  • "Dear Sandi, I wanted to personally thank you for your tremendous support and encouragement. You have been a great mentor, and I truly appreciate all that you have done for me."
  • "Thank you for everything. I suddenly realized what a special gift you have to be able to sit and listen to your clients who are broken hearted, grieving and trying to survive…. We all appreciate your help and kindness."